Reducing food waste, one bowl of soup at a time.


The best slot machines with best casino bonus was born from a passion and love of book of ra online casino echtgeld ohne einzahlung. We believe that all vegetables, even the imperfect, bruised, or banged up bits, deserve a chance to grace your dinner table. We want to change the perception that unsightly produce can’t be used, because it can! Here at Rebel Soup we work with local farmers to buy their unwanted and unsellable vegetables (up to a 30-40% market loss) and transform them into delicious, nutritious, hearty meals. Plus, we’ll share with you how to work those veggies from carrot top to bottom so you can extend the use of your produce and get down on reducing food waste too!


The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Founder Amanda Slater is the one who insists on trying a bite of what you ordered while ensuring you try a bite of hers. The one who loves people by feeding them and finds pure joy in dreaming up new dishes. A hard-core through and through food lover who combined Holistic Nutrition training, a home based Soup Club, and a community focused Venture Program to bring you a business with an edge and a soul. Rebel Soup, like Amanda, finds the beauty in the over-looked and value in the under seen.

3 Core Values.

Good for the environment, good for the farmer, good for you!


Really really fresh

This soup is so fresh it needs a time out! But truly, fresh is best and here at Rebel Soup we only serve up local, seasonal goodness one bowl at a time!



From the backyard baby

Oh beautiful BC with all your bumps and humps and lovely little lumps! Thanks for growing veggies that turn up tangled. And thanks for offering up the best goods for our soups right in our own backyard so that when we say local, we mean it!


Zero Waste

We got what they don’t want

No-body puts baby in a corner! You get your bruised and banged up, twisted and curled self right into our soup pot you beautiful veggies you! No-one gets turned away here. From the packaging for our Soup Club to the saving of the “unsightly”, we are committed to reducing waste. So for every cup, bowl and jar you enjoy, we thank you for being part of the cause!